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As COVID-19 continues to spread, communities globally are faced with the difficult task of being properly equipped to protect themselves. Among these communities are some of the most vulnerable populations, including refugees. Refugees are a high-risk population that have limited to no access to the most basic sanitary and hygiene products, increasing the likelihood of COVID-19 having a devastating impact on this particular population. Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia are among this vulnerable population, as they too are lacking the basic necessities to combat COVID-19. This campaign and fundraiser will be raising funds to purchase these basic necessities to ensure that Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia have the ability to take proactive and preventive measures against COVID-19.


The funds raised will be distributed among Hitsas, Mai-Ayni, Adi Harush and Aysaita refugee camps in Ethiopia, all of which host Eritrean refugees. Hitsas, Mai-Ayni, and Adi Harush refugee camps are in Northern Ethiopia, and they are experiencing overcrowding and a significant shortage of needs, increasing the risk of disaster should the pandemic reach these communities.


For reference, Hitsas houses 15,300 refugees, Mai-Ayni houses 17,450 refugees, and Adi Harush houses 16,135 refugees. Aysaita refugee camp is located in the South Central part of the Afar region in Ethiopia and houses 14,263 refugees. Aysaita refugee camp has experienced extreme rainstorms that have caused significant damage, including the destruction of refugee houses and other infrastructure. Refugees in the Aysaita camp have had their shelters destroyed in addition to the lack of basic needs, increasing the risk of catastrophe should the pandemic reach this community as well.


The funds raised from this campaign will go towards purchasing and distributing soaps, alcohol and other essential supplies for the refugee camps specified above. 


We understand that the pandemic has resulted in financial hardship for many - any contribution will be of great help for our Eritrean sisters and brothers who are in desperate need. Please share this campaign with your family, friends, and to your social media platforms. This campaign is about expressing solidarity and showing that we care. Do not hesitate to ask any questions pertaining to the fundraiser or the Eritrean refugee crisis at large.

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