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Krystal M. Harris

Program Director

Krystal M. Harris is an actress, writer, and philanthropist. Harris worked and lived among many different cultures and it is this breadth of experience that taught her to have compassion and love for the human race regardless of their circumstance.


In addition to serving as Program Director for RefuCare, she sits on the board of another non-profit, HippoLife, which is aimed at rehabilitation through the arts. Harris understands that one hardship cannot be measured or equated against another and each individual that she aims to help is treated with the exact same respect and care as the one that came before them.


Through fostering and developing community within the groups that she services, Harris hopes to help those in need find a greater purpose for their lives and lead them to further impact those around them. When she is not working on her philanthropic efforts, she is acting and writing for film and television and most importantly, raising her beautiful young daughter, Boston.

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