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About us

Who we are

We Are Sisters. We Are Brothers. We Are Mothers. We Are Fathers. We Are A Community of people who understand that we have it better than most. Despite the struggles we face, we understand that others face hardships that we cannot even fathom. Therefore we dedicated ourselves, our time, and our resources to helping our sisters, our brothers our mothers, our fathers and our communities... abroad. We are RefuCare. 

Our Mission

RefuCare's Mission was born from the desires of the Refugees currently living in the Refugee camps. What we heard time and again was that the children were bored. The women craved educational materials and products to help them through their physiological changes, and that these camps were homes to so many and they wanted them to start resembling communities. So that's where we came in. RefuCare is committed to providing educational materials to children and adults who want to specialize in a specific trade. We are committed to bringing various sporting equipment into the camps to help the refugees build a solid recreational structure and combat boredom which has been shown to lead to mental illness. And we are committed to educating and providing necessary items for young women to manage their developing bodies.

RefuCare is committed to helping Refugees take hold of their camps, create communities, and solidify their self-reliance. This is what they asked for... and this is what we deliver. 

Our Impact

RefuCare has made a difference in the education system and in the alleviation in boredom in the refugee camps in Sudan. Soon, with your help, RefuCare looks forward to reaching other refugee communities in East Africa and beyond. We want to help bring true infrastructure into these camps to help turn them into communities that focus on the well-being of the whole person.

our team:
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President/Executive Director

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Program Director

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Development Director

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