Here at RefuCare we have several areas that we want to focus on. That's where you come in. Where do you see your contribution going and how would you like to help our campaigns move forward? Our main areas that we want to address come straight from the mouths of those that we aim to serve. This is what they desire and we play a part in helping create that reality. See our campaigns below and see how you can join us in turning Refugee camps into Communities that the residents can be proud of. 

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Copy Machine / Printer

Refugee students asked for a much needed printer and copy machine for their camp to avoid the weekly three-hour commute just to print papers for the students in the camps. Through the support of donors, RefuCare provided them the much needed machine to help them focus more on education and less on traveling. 

Educational Tools

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mendela 

Through the support of our generous donors, RefuCare was able to provide necessary educational tools for 4th and 5th grade students in camp Kilo 26 in Sudan both in 2018 and 2019. 

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Playground Equipment

Boredom is the number one cause of mental illness in the refugee camps. To help alleviate it, RefuCare has begun implementing projects, such as bringing in children's playground equipment to the camps to provide the youth with an opportunity to live a decent childhood even within the camps. 

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Refugee Crisis in Indonesia 

The financial crisis in Saudi Arabia has caused a high number of migrants among Eritreans causing them to leave their home in Saudi Arabia and onto to various countries such as Sudan, Egypt, Turkey and Indonesia. There is an overwhelming need of support for the student refugees in Jakarta, Indonesia. RefuCare has provided all necessary educational tools (classrooms, chairs, desks, books, teachers, etc). to support over 100 students.

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In an effort to alleviate boredom, RefuCare's new mission is to focus on providing recreational activities in the camps. Sports is the first area of focus. Both male and female refugees are eager to play sports such as football basketball, and volleyball. Building fields and providing them with sporting equipment and attire will help turn camps into livable communities.